About the Author

Kandi Aleene White

was born on February 15th, 1961 in the beautiful islands of Bermuda.  She is happily married to Morris and they have two adult children, Amber and Tristan.  She’s worked all of her adult life in Information Technology in a local bank. Kandi took early retirement in August 2022.  

Kandi’s always wanted to be an entrepreneur and this desire led her into Internet Marketing and Coaching.  She is fond of writing notes about events and special occasions. She keeps several folders of interesting information, articles, quotes, pictures and so on. 

Never in her wildest dreams did she see herself as becoming an author, but as the old saying goes, ‘never say never.’

It was during an event in February 2003, a life changing event that the desire to write Hours of Pure Gold evolved.  Kandi attended a leadership conference in Santa Clara, California to help her take her Internet Marketing and Coaching business to ‘the next level.’  Motivational speakers at the event like Jim Rohn, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Bob Burg, John Amatt and David Miln Smith were catalysts to the awakening she experienced.

Kandi was not only motivated but was so inspired that her entire life focus changed and she only has God to thank for this.  The entire weekend experience is shared in Hours of Pure Gold.  Each speaker shared real life experiences when growing up, the challenges they overcame, and the mentors who helped them become successful entrepreneurs and motivational coaches. 

They challenged, they motivated, and they inspired the conference attendees to rise above their own defeats and to take the necessary steps to become and have their hearts desires.  They reminded us that life is not all about selfishness but selflessness, serving and helping others.  These same characteristics and near and dear to Kandi’s heart and purpose for Hours of Pure Gold. Kandi believes that everyone has a God given purpose in life. 

She prays that the speaker’s motivational stories and the proven principles of success would inspire all readers of Hours of Pure Gold to reach their goals and never give up on their dreams.