About the book

Hours of Pure Gold

February 6 – 9, 2003 will forever go down in the history books as the weekend that turned her life around. Kandi White embarked on a journey that she prayed and dreamed about. She had a burning desire to be one of the 5% of successful Internet entrepreneurs. By attending a leadership seminar and being motivated by ‘The Masters of Motivation’ like Jim Rohn, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Burg, Les Brown, John Amatt and David Miln Smith, she expected to receive all the tools necessary to be successful and in turn lead to financial freedom.

The weekend experience was awesome. Not only did she get totally motivated to take her Internet businesses to ‘the next level’, she also had a spiritual awakening that was not expected. From this experience, Hours of Pure Gold is a reality. It’s a story of inspiration, of being totally inspired by the experiences of the motivational peakers and their personal journeys of success. If you’re looking for motivation to improve any aspect of your personal and professional life, Hours of Pure Gold gives you proven principles for success. It’s a story of gratitude for participating in a wonderful weekend and being the recipient of God’s everlasting love and many blessings. It’s a story of finding true purpose. Have you ever dreamed of living a purpose filled life? Have you ever thought that maybe there is more to life than you are presently experiencing? Well, there is more! The motivational stories in HOPG are aimed at helping you to create and live your best life!